It’s human nature that the more liberty you have, the more responsibility you have. In countries with less liberty, citizens have less responsibility for their self-governance. In the most free countries, people take their rights and responsibilities as citizens most seriously.  Our goal has always been to maximize the independence, autonomy, and liberty of our operating units, in contrast to the top down hierarchical management that has destroyed enormous value at many conglomerates in the past.
Because of our decentralized, non-hierarchical, autonomous structure, Eli Global has over the years invested many millions of dollars in compliance, audit, valuation, and risk management infrastructure as part of our group enterprise risk management.  For example, Eli Global’s operating businesses are audited separately by independent auditors each year. This approach to audits produces a much lower materiality threshold and much higher audit standard than larger conglomerates which may do only one consolidated audit. The Eli Global group has an extraordinary track record of compliance and financial strength with all of our businesses receiving unqualified “clean” audit opinions each year from numerous independent audit firms globally.  All Eli Global businesses are also valued by independent third party valuation firms annually. Our goal is maximum independence and autonomy of our operating businesses combined with rigorous audit, compliance, and risk management processes. This allows us to maintain the independence of our operating businesses without top down management hierarchy.