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Press Releases

Lindberg Applauds Fourth Circuit Decision Overturning Wrongful Conviction

JUNE 29, 2022 – Greg Lindberg today released the following statement in response to the unanimous decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit to overturn his wrongful conviction and grant a new trial.

“I am deeply grateful for the unanimous decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit throwing out these wrongful convictions in their entirety and granting me a new trial. In its decision today, the Court made clear that the trial court violated my Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights under the Constitution. I am grateful to the Court of Appeals for recognizing this injustice.

“I’ve spent the last 20 months incarcerated at FPC Montgomery. I cannot begin to describe the challenges of being separated from family and friends, from the work I care about and the communities I work closely with. But I have been teaching courses in business, entrepreneurship, stress management, and interviewing for jobs, and I have learned as much as I have taught. I have tried to use the time here in a positive way and I am grateful to those who have helped me to do so.

“I am deeply grateful to the Global Growth team, which has done an extraordinary job managing and growing the various Global Growth businesses in my absence. Global Growth’s CEO Justin Holbrook recently submitted a plan to the North Carolina Department of Insurance to allow my North Carolina insurers to exit rehabilitation in less than 12 months. If acted on by the North Carolina Department of Insurance, it would allow policyholders to fully access their funds in less than a year. I have total confidence that Global Growth’s team will fulfill this plan. On a personal level, I look forward to returning to my life with my family, friends, and community.”