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After serving 633 days inside Federal Prison Camp Montgomery for a wrongful conviction, self-made entrepreneur, life coach, and passionate criminal justice advocate Greg Lindberg, today released 633 Days Inside: Lessons on Life and Leadership.

Lindberg’s newest book tells the story of how, from his very first day in prison, he resolved to embrace the experience as a springboard to better himself physically, spiritually, and mentally. The key, as Lindberg describes, is the concept of hormesis—the idea that certain things that can hurt us in larger doses can make us stronger in smaller doses. 633 Days Inside provides readers with transformational lessons and inspirational insights into unlocking their potential to build resilience and thrive in difficult circumstances to create a better life and a better world.

“With the launch of this new book, I hope to empower people to take their lives and their well-being into their own hands. If there’s any setting where that seems impossible to do, it would be prison. I hope my story will prove to readers that there are no circumstances too grave to prevent them from turning the most difficult of circumstances into opportunities to unlock their inner greatness,” said Lindberg.

Throughout the book, Lindberg provides multiple examples of how he shifted his mindset and habits to transform prison itself into a hormetic experience. This shift resulted in a favorable biological and mental response that allowed him to leave prison feeling and looking ten years younger, with newfound friendships and an appreciation for the power of gratitude. Taken together, these advantages helped him to eliminate distractions and negative forces, and achieve greater focus, productivity, and ultimately, success.

“Like Greg Lindberg, I was wrongfully convicted and lost 17 years of my life. 633 Days Inside gives an honest look at the indignities prisoners suffer, the lack of true justice within our criminal justice system and hope that every person can make the most of every struggle they encounter,” said Kristine Bunch, Exoneree. “No matter what you are going through, every person has the strength to rise above the situation and turn it into a springboard for success.”